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Logitech Gaming Software integration with Discord

Updated:  06/12/2017 07:00 AM
Logitech Gaming Software (LGS) version 8.94 and later integrates with Discord to provide intelligent keyboard illumination for in-app notifications. The effects that play are briefly layered on top of any pre-existing lighting integrations and the lighting goes back to normal afterward.
Which keyboards does Discord integration work with?
  • G410 Atlas Spectrum
  • G810 Orion Spectrum
  • G910 Orion Spark 
  • G910 Orion Spectrum
  • Pro Gaming Keyboard 

Enable Discord integration
  1. Make sure you are using LGS version 8.94 or later. You can download the latest version of LGS from the LGS Download page.
  2. Open Discord. 
  3. In the pop-up window, click OK to enable the Discord integration.

    Discord RGB Lighting

    NOTE: If you click Cancel, you'll need to enable integration from the Game Customization View in LGS.
Customize integration effects
After you enable Discord integration, the applet listens to events that happen in Discord and plays a lighting effect for each one:
  • Self speaking 
  • Other person speaking 
  • Chat notification 
  • Chat mention 
You can turn specific effects on and off and customize lighting colors for the effects using LGS. Here’s how:
  1. Open LGS.
  2. Click the Settings icon in the bottom right of the window.

    Settings Icon

  3. Under Game integration, check Show game integration customization view.

    Game Integration Customization View

    NOTE: Skip Steps 2 and 3 if your game integration customization view is already visible.
  4. Open the Game Integration Customization View and select the Discord applet.

    Game Integration Customization View

  5. Use the checkboxes under Effects to turn individual effects on or off.


  6. Use the color wheel and sliders to change the colors for New Message and Self Speaking notifications. Alternatively, you can enter an RGB value to select the color.




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