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Squeezebox™  C-RH62

Clean install of Logitech Media Server software on Macintosh

Updated:  08/31/2014 08:26 PM

You may need to perform a clean install of the Logitech Media Server software. Here's how:

NOTE: If you're updating from Squeezebox Server to Logitech Media Server, any references to Logitech Media Server can be interpreted as Squeezebox Server.

Remove the existing installation

NOTE: Doing this will delete any saved preferences and cached data, including Favorites and Presets.

  1. Go to System Preferences, and open Logitech Media Server.

    NOTE: If you're running MAC OS 10.6 or later, you may see a message saying Logitech Media Server needs to quit and reopen. If so, click OK.

  2. On the Status tab, under Server Status, click Stop Server, and then close the Logitech Media Server Preference Pane.

  3. Find and move these files and folders to the Trash and then make sure to empty it:

    1. Home > Library > Application Support > Squeezebox
    2. Home > Library > Caches > Squeezebox
    3. Home > Library > Preferences > com.slimdevices.slim.plist and com.slimdevices.slim.plist.lockfile
    4. Macintosh HD > Library > PreferencePanes > Squeezebox.prefPane

Install the latest version

  1. Get the latest version of Logitech Media Server from the Downloads page.

  2. Once the download completes, open the file and double-click the Logitech Media Server installer icon.

  3. You may see a dialog warning you that this file was downloaded from the Internet and asking if you want to open it. Click Open.

  4. When the installer comes up, click Install.

  5. You may see warnings from your firewall software. Click the appropriate button to allow the installation to proceed.

  6. Once the install has finished, the Squeezebox Server preference pane will open.

    NOTE: If you're running MAC OS 10.6 or newer, you may see a message stating Logitech Media Server needs to quit and reopen. If so, click OK.

Now, you need to set up your Media Library name, Media folder locations, and MySqueezebox.Com account.

  1. Go to the Library tab and set your:

    • Media Library name
    • Media folder locations
    • Playlist folder location
    • iTunes settings
  2. Go to the Account tab to enter your MySqueezebox.Com account credentials.


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