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Driving Force™ GT  E-X5C19

AC adapters for Logitech Wheels

Updated:  08/31/2014 08:26 PM

Please use this grid to determine which AC adapter your wheel uses. The AC Adapter P/N is the part number included with all packages sold in the Americas region. AC adapters that support Auto switching support multiple, worldwide AC currents. Logitech AC adapters rated for similar adapter output levels can be used on all products sharing their recommended output level.

NOTE: If you need to supplement your unit with a 3rd party adapter, please match the voltage and amperage listed, and make sure the polarity of the AC adapter connector lines up with the polarity listed on the belly label of the wheel.

If you are looking for an AC adapter part number to use outside of North or South America, please see Knowledge Base article 9016.

If you see a "-" listed, your wheel does not require an AC adapter.

Product NameAC Adapter P/NAdapter OutputAuto switching?*
DriveFX for Xbox 360190211-A03024V .75ANo
Driving Force190211-003024V .75ANo
Driving Force EX190211-A03024V .75ANo
Driving Force GT190211-A03024V .75ANo
Driving Force Pro190211-A03024V .75ANo
Driving Force Wireless190211-A03024V .75ANo
G25 Racing Wheel190542-000024V 1.75AYes
G27 Racing Wheel190542-000024V 1.75AYes
MOMO Force190211-A01024V .75ANo
MOMO Racing190211-A03024V .75ANo
NASCAR for PC---
NASCAR for PS2---
NASCAR for Xbox---
Speed Force190211-002024V .75ANo
Speed Force Wireless190211-A03024V .75ANo
Wingman Formula---
Wingman Formula Force190010-000020V 1.5ANo
Wingman Formula GP---

* Auto switching power supplies can adjust an automatically identify the type of AC power input it is receiving, allowing the unit to function on 100~240V and 50~60hz AC circuits. This means the same AC adapter can be used worldwide.


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