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G27 Racing Wheel  W-U0001

Mounting the G27 or G25 using built-in mounting points

Updated:  12/15/2015 06:35 PM

To mount your G27 or G25, do the following:

  1. Download and print out the files linked below. These files contain the mounting templates:

  2. Place the templates on the surface to which you intend to mount the G27 or G25.

  3. Verify that you printed the template to the correct size by placing the G27 or G25 on top of the templates and by measuring the distance between the mounting points. Many printers will print slightly out of scale. However, up to 1 mm is an acceptable margin of error.

    NOTE: If the template did not print correctly, try turning off the 'Fit to Page' setting in your Print Options and reprint the templates. If your printer cannot handle paper large enough to properly handle the scale, you can use the indicated dimensions to measure out your own drill points.

  4. Use a pencil to mark the pedal mounting points on the surface where you intend to mount the pedals.


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