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Extreme™ 3D Pro  J-UK17; J-UF17

Reference: Gaming products compatible with Logitech Gaming Software (LGS) 4.60

Updated:  08/31/2014 08:26 PM

This article applies to the following products:
All Logitech Steering Wheels
All Logitech joysticks
All Logitech gamepads except Chillstream for PC

This article applies to the following platforms:
Windows Vista
Windows XP Professional / Home / MCE
Windows 2000
Windows Me
Windows 98

This document outlines which Logitech gaming products are supported in Logitech Gaming Software 4.60. If you are unsure which product you have (Due to missing labels, etc), you can verify your product by checking the VID_PID. The VID_PID is a unique hardware ID to the product. You can find this information by checking the device manager of your PC.

The VID_PID value here represents the last portion of the VID_PID.   Example:  if the Extreme Digital 3D has C207, that translates to VID_046D&PID_C207, theWingMan Gamepad would have a VID_PID of VID_046D&PID_C209, and so forth.

NOTE: For instructions on how to locate your VID_PID on Windows XP and Windows Vista, please see Knowledge Base article 8141.

Logitech Gaming Software 4.60: 

Retail NameVID_PIDComment
Logitech® WingMan™ Formula ForceC291Not supported in Windows XP x64
 Logitech® WingMan™ Formula??Not supported in Windows XP x64
Logitech WingMan Force??Not supported in Windows XP x64
Logitech WingMan Interceptor ??  
Logitech WingMan Strike Force 3DC285 
Logitech Freedom 2.4C213 
Logitech Extreme Digital ProC215 
Logitech Attack 3C214  
Logitech Thunderpad Digital ??
Logitech Wingman Action GamepadC20B
Logitech Wingman Gamepad ??
Logitech Wingman Gamepad (Black) ??
Logitech Wingman Gamepad ExtremeC208
Logitech Wingman Precision ??
Logitech Wingman Cordless RumblepadC211
Logitech Wingman Precision USBC20C
Logitech Wingman RumblePadC20A 
Logitech Dual ActionC216
Logitech® WingMan Attack 2C20D 
Logitech Formula USBC202
Logitech Formula GP ??Not supported in Windows XP x64
Logitech Formula GP (USB)C20E
Logitech CyberMan 2??

Only supported on Windows 98

with LGS 4.60

Logitech Formula Force GPC293
Logitech MOMO Force C295
Logitech MOMO Racing Force CA03


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