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Game Mode and backlight control on the G413, G512 and G513 gaming keyboards

Updated:  03/02/2018 12:18 PM
Your gaming keyboard has keys that let you turn Game Mode on and off, and cycle between five fixed backlighting brightness levels.
Game Mode
While Game Mode is on, the Windows, Menu, and FN keys are disabled to prevent unwanted interruptions. To toggle between Windows and Game Mode, press FN and F8 at the same time. 

Toggle Game Mode

The Game Mode LED indicator lights up when the mode is active. 

Game Mode Indicator

In addition to the Windows, Menu, and FN keys, you can disable other keys in Game Mode using Logitech Gaming Software (LGS) 8.98 and later. If you don’t have Logitech Gaming Software, you can get the latest version from the LGS download page. Launch LGS, select your gaming keyboard and click the Game Mode Settings icon.

Game Mode Settings Icon

The Game Mode Settings window appears:

Game Mode Settings Window

Enabled keys are shown in blue, and disabled keys are gray. To re-enable a disabled key, click on the key again. You can disable keys in Game Mode for any individual profile.

Disabled Keys

NOTE: The Windows, Menu, and FN keys cannot be enabled in Game Mode. 

To cycle between five preset brightness levels, press FN and F7 at the same time. You can also invert the F keys so you only need to press F7. See FN Key Inversion for more information.

Toggle Backlighting

NOTE: If keyboard backlighting doesn’t turn on, check the lighting settings in LGS.

FN Key Inversion
You can use LGS to invert all the functions that are accessed by default when you use the FN key modifier with individual F keys. This way you don’t need to press FN in combination with the F keys to perform the special functions. 

The default FN key combinations are shown below:
Keyboard ShortcutFunction/Feature
FN + F5 (G513 only)Cycle between 7 onboard lighting effects
FN + F6 (G513 only)Load user-stored lighting layout
FN + F7Cycle Backlighting Levels
FN + F8Toggle Game Mode
FN + F9Play/Pause
FN + F10Stop
FN + F11Previous Track
FN + F12Next Track
FN + PRTSC (Print screen)Mute/Unmute
FN + SCRLK ( Scroll Lock)Volume Down
FN + PAUSEVolume Up

To enable Key Inversion:
  1. Launch Logitech Gaming Software (LGS).
  2. Select your gaming keyboard.
  3. In the Home window, push the toggle:
    • Left to disable FN Key Inversion
    • Right to enable FN Key Inversion

Key Inversion Enabled

NOTE: The image above shows FN Key Inversion enabled.


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