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How do I use my Circle 2 Camera with Apple HomeKit?

Updated:  11/03/2017 11:19 AM
How do I use my Circle 2 Camera with Apple HomeKit?
Which Circle 2 camera mounts support the Apple HomeKit integration?
Apple HomeKit works with the following mounts on Circle 2 at this time:
  • Circle 2 with Wired Mount
  • Circle 2 with Plug Mount
  • Circle 2 with Window Mount
NOTE: The camera’s firmware must be updated to version 5.2.86 or later for Apple HomeKit functionality to be enabled. Read How do I update Circle’s firmware? for more information on checking and installing firmware updates. Read Can I use my Circle 2 Wire-Free with Apple HomeKit? to understand why Circle 2 Wire-Free isn’t currently listed above.

Set up Circle 2 in the Apple Home app
NOTE: Make sure to complete your Apple HomeKit setup in one attempt. If you abandon the setup process midway, you’ll need to reset your Circle 2 Camera before using it again.
  1. Make sure you have access to your Quick Start Guide (QSG), which includes an Apple HomeKit setup code. If your Apple HomeKit setup code is not in the QSG or you do not have your QSG, the setup code is also printed on the back of the camera module.
    NOTE: To see this code you will need to remove the camera cover and look at laser etched markings on the back.

    Camera Cover

    Setup Code Location

  2. Make sure your camera is attached to the mount and plugged into a power source.
  3. Launch the Apple Home app on your iOS device. Make sure that this iOS device is connected to the wireless network that you wish to add the camera to.
  4. Tap Add Accessory.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to set up your Circle 2 Camera. 

If you have already setup your Circle 2 camera in the Circle app and want to access your camera using the Apple Home app, follow these steps:
  1. Tap Settings.
  2. Tap Smart Home Integrations.

    Smart Home Integrations

  3. Tap Apple HomeKit.

    Apple HomeKit

  4. Push the toggle right to prepare Circle for pairing.

    Enable HomeKit

  5. Follow the steps to integrate the camera into your Apple HomeKit ecosystem.
Using your Circle 2 in the Circle app after adding it in the Apple Home app
If you set up Circle using the Apple Home app and want to access your camera using the Circle app, follow the steps below. 
NOTE: If you removed the camera from your Apple Home app, you need to reset the camera or add it back to the Apple Home app before setting up in the Circle app.
  1. Open the iOS App Store and search for Logi Circle.
  2. Download the Circle app.
  3. Tap Set Up.
  4. Tap on Apple HomeKit Enabled Circle on the Choose your Circle step.

    Apple HomeKit Enabled Circle

  5. Name your camera by typing or selecting from the on-screen list.

    Name Your Circle

  6. Tap Continue once the Welcome Home screen appears.

    Tap Continue

  7. Create a Circle account by typing your email address and a password.
    NOTE: Existing Circle users can tap I already have an account and use their existing credentials.
What’s possible in Apple HomeKit
Once your camera is set up in the Apple Home app, you can:
  • Preview and access your live view (up to two simultaneous streams):
    • If you set up the camera in the Logi Circle app, that counts for one stream. You will only have access to one additional stream from the Apple Home app on your iPhone or iPad. 
      • You can have any number of simultaneous users viewing the live stream in the Circle app. 
      • If the Circle app is used to turn the camera off or put into Privacy Mode, the Apple Home app stream will be disabled.
    • The Apple Watch Home application relies on the live stream from the paired device it is connected to and cannot view the live stream simultaneously with the paired device Apple Home app.
  • Talk and Listen: 
    • We recommend using headphones while using Talk and Listen in the Apple Home app and using the feature while you are located away from your camera to reduce the chance for feedback noise.
  • Use a Home Hub to enable WAN access for Apple HomeKit so that you can view the camera live stream from outside your home network. 
  • Enable motion detection based triggers for notifications and home automations with other products in your Apple Home ecosystem such as lights.
    NOTE: Motion detection triggers cannot be used behind glass.
  • Interact with Siri (e.g., “Hey Siri, show me the security camera?” opens the Apple Home app and takes you to your live view).



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