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BRIO  V-U0040

No video or BRIO webcam not detected after Windows 10 update

Updated:  02/24/2017 05:20 PM
If you’ve recently updated Windows 10 and you’ve lost video from your BRIO webcam or your webcam is no longer recognized by Windows, do the following:
  1. Open Device Manager — go to the Start menu in Windows 10 and type “Device Manager” in the text box.
  2. In Device Manager, check the Imaging Device section — if you see a yellow exclamation next to the device name or the device name shows UNKNOWN, then the drivers did not load properly.
To correct the issue:
  1. In Device Manager, right-click on BRIO/UNKNOWN device with the yellow exclamation icon, and select Update Driver.
  2. In the Update dialog, select Update Driver.
  3. Select Let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer.
  4. Check Show compatible hardware (if not checked), then select USB Video Device (not Logitech BRIO), from the list.
  5. Click Next.
    NOTE: If a list of categories is shown instead, select Imaging Devices, then USB Video Device.


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