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Bluetooth Mouse M557  M-R0047-O

Connect the M557 Bluetooth mouse to a Mac

Updated:  08/31/2014 08:05 PM

To connect your mouse to a Mac (OS 10.6.8 or later):

  1. From the Apple menu, select System Preferences.

  2. In System Preferences, click the Bluetooth icon.

    Bluetooth icon

  3. In the Bluetooth pane, make sure On is selected, and then click the Add New Device icon — the "+" in the lower left.

    Bluetooth pane

    NOTE: If no Bluetooth devices have been connected to your Mac, then the "+" will not be visible. If this is the case, click Set Up New Device.

    Set up new Bluetooth device

    The Bluetooth Setup Assistant should appear.

  4. Turn on the mouse.

  5. Press the Bluetooth CONNECT button.

    The light on the front of the mouse will blink blue.

    M557 Bluetooth CONNECT button   M557 Bluetooth indicator light

  6. Select the Bluetooth Mouse M557 from the Bluetooth Setup Assistant screen, and then click Continue.

    Bluetooth Mouse M557 in Bluetooth Setup Assistance menu

    Your Bluetooth Mouse M557 will automatically connect to the Mac.

  7. Once the mouse is connected, the following message will be displayed. Click Quit to return to the Bluetooth preference pane.

    Mouse connected

NOTE: If the mouse is already paired but having problems re-connecting, you can remove it (click the " -" in the lower left) from the device list and follow the instructions above to re-connect it.


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