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G402  M-U0041

Choose between G402 gaming mouse on-board memory and automatic detection

Updated:  08/31/2014 07:51 PM

The G402 gaming mouse offers two different ways to manage button assignments:

On-Board Memory - The button assignments and DPI levels are written to the memory of the mouse. This allows you to configure the mouse on one computer, and then use your mouse on a different computer with no additional software or configuration. This setting is also useful if you want to only use one set of button configurations for all applications/games on your computer. Please see answer 51603 for more tips.

Automatic Game Detection - The button assignments and DPI levels are individually configured for every application and game on your computer. This setting is recommended for advanced users and for when you want to assign specific keystrokes for each application on the computer. Please see answer 51602 for more tips.


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